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This is Ray Favre’s website

Ray Favre, who died in May 2010, left a note with his will asking that Archive magazine look after his books, software and website to keep them going. He was one of the magazine’s most prolific writers over the years. The article about his life from Archive 22:9 is available here.

2012 January 07: An update of Dr Wimp (from 5.00 to 5.02) is now available, catering for Fat32 filing systems as on the Beagleboard and Armini. Labella 6.43 has had a second lot of bug-fixes, as well as small updates to its manuals and additional envelope sizes by Chris Newman. New versions of Calibre and Meddle appeared last month. All three of these programs are now compatible with new hardware such as Armini and Beagleboard. Thanks to Steve Fryatt, Chris Johnson and Martin Avison for the work.

Source code is also downloadable — anyone interested in contributing updates should first contact the Archive editor to coordinate and avoid duplication. —Ed.

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The fabulous freeware wimp-programming package Dr Wimp logo

(originally authored by Andrew Ayre)
Latest release is version 5.02 (2012-01-01)

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Applications and utilities authored using Dr Wimp

(and free ASCII charts etc.) — available for downloading.

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